Trade Paperback Edition of Vessel Forged Now on Sale!

I am pleased with the results of this new hold-the-paper-in-your-hand edition of Vessel Forged (sporting a brand new title and a bit of proofing for those who noticed errors in the Kindle Edition). In some ways, this is my favorite.

There is not a single space ship in the whole thing! But it does deal with some fascinating fundamental human questions. Such as, “If you could live forever, but it meant sharing a body with several other people, would you be comfortable with that arrangement? How comfortable would your significant other be?”

Do I have the answer? Sort of. I invite you to try it out. (OK, by try it out, I mean buy it. Unlike Kindle, you can’t sample it too well). It’s available on Amazon, but you may have to search on the title or by my name to find the paperback edition.

Or just click here.

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