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Sometime in early December, I expect to have Vessel Forged available in a print edition. (This is the new title for Into This Vessel Poured). I haven’t seen the proof yet, but I’m eagerly anticipating delivery. When it’s available, I’ll let you know here and other places where you can find and purchase it.

Vessel Forged

Available in trade paperback in December 2015

I’m also working on assembling an anthology of some of my shorts that have not yet been seen. I hope to have that up in a Kindle edition before the end of the year.

For those who enjoy such things, I now have a Facebook page for my writing. It’s reachable at this link.

Check back next week for details of an upcoming sale price. Such a bargain!  Dome Born will be available for a week at the ridiculous price of $.99.

Until then, Happy Holidays.


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